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15 Best Paying Jobs In Public Utilities (Updated 2023)

The industry of public utilities is generating thousands of jobs at present. If you are able to earn one of these positions, you can greatly improve your life and provide enough income to get by each month. These jobs can be rather lucrative, but they are also demanding and require a high level of skill.

What is the public utility Industry?

Public utility industry is the provision of essential services to a community, such as water, electricity, and telecommunications.

  • Public utilities are often regulated by the government to ensure that they provide quality service at a fair price.
  • However, there are opportunities for growth in the public utility market as new technologies emerge.

Is public utilities a good career route?

Public utilities typically have a high level of job security, as it would be difficult for a company to downsize or eliminate its entire public utility division.

In addition, many public utilities offer good benefits packages, such as healthcare and retirement savings plans. Other benefits include a stable work schedule, with few required weekend or evening shifts.

15 Best paying jobs in public utilities

Here we’ve created this list of 15 best paying jobs in public utilities that you should consider before making your career decision.

1. Utility Manager

Median National Salary: $78,637

Education Required: Bachelor’s degree

Job Growth: 18%

Job Duties: Utility management is a broad job category that covers a variety of duties. The primary responsibilities of this job include the following:

Cost accounting: Utility managers must be able to accurately budget for expenses and track their performance against budget goals.

Customer service: Utility managers are responsible for maintaining good relations with customers, who may be unhappy when bills go up or service is interrupted due to an outage or other problems.

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Planning and implementation: Utility managers oversee the planning process and may participate in actual construction projects.

Business management: Utility managers may also be involved with day-to-day business operations at their companies, including hiring new employees and purchasing supplies for the company’s facilities.

2. Control Room Operator

Median National Salary: $58,287

Education Required: High school diploma and on-the-job training

Job Growth: 6%

Job Duties: The Control Room Operator works in a team environment with other operators, technicians, engineers and supervisors to ensure that all systems are operating properly. The position is expected to be able to analyze problems and work towards solutions.

The Control Room Operator monitors and controls systems that run various processes throughout the company. This can include keeping track of inventory levels or making sure that products are delivered when needed. The position may also be involved with troubleshooting issues or investigating mechanical problems that arise in order to prevent serious accidents or equipment failure.

3. Power Plant Engineer

Median National Salary: $96,864

Education Required: Bachelor’s degree

Job Growth: 3%

Job Duties: The job duties of a Power Plant Engineer are analyzing the technical feasibility of power plants and studying the present and future needs of the area. A Power Plant Engineer prepares technical reports and studies on the construction, operation, maintenance and economical evaluation of power plants.

This position also designs, develops, constructs and operates power plants in accordance with the requirements of the Government. They recommend measures for improving efficiency in power generation through improved operation, maintenance and control systems.

4. Water Treatment Operator

Median National Salary: $42,697 per year

Education Required: High school diploma

Job Growth: 7%

Job Duties: The Water Treatment Operator is responsible for the production of water and its distribution to consumers. The operator works with the raw water and distributes it to different treatment facilities.

Water treatment operators are also responsible for maintaining the plant’s entire system. They make sure that all equipment is working properly, that all chemicals are properly mixed, and that any problems are reported quickly to maintenance staff. The operator also ensures that all safety procedures are followed in order to prevent accidents.

5. Gas Controller

Median National Salary: $57,475 per year

Education Required: High school diploma

Job Growth: 2.53%

Job Duties: The gas controller is responsible for controlling the level of gas and ensuring that it is sufficient to meet demand; ensuring that the gas is supplied to customers at the correct pressure and temperature, monitoring consumption levels, and ensuring that all staff are trained on how to operate all safety equipment and emergency procedures.

6. Geotechnical Engineer

Median National Salary: $68,697 per year

Education Required: Bachelor’s degree

Job Growth: 7%

Job Duties: The duties of a geotechnical engineer are to draw up plans for the design, construction, and maintenance of any type of road, railway, canal, bridge or other structure. They also ensure that any structures built are safe from damage due to earthquakes or extreme weather conditions.

Geotechnical engineers work in public and private sector organizations such as local councils and construction companies. They also conduct research into their field of expertise for example how soil behaves under different conditions.

7. Pipeline Controller

Median National Salary: $84,975/year

Education Required: high school diploma

Job Growth: 2%

Job Duties: A Pipeline Controller is responsible for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of a pipeline system. They are also in charge of ensuring that all personnel involved in the operation of a pipeline are adequately trained in their tasks, as well as being aware of any safety regulations that may be relevant to the job they are performing. The Pipeline Controller ensures that equipment used on a pipeline is maintained according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

8. Radiation Engineer

Median National Salary: $104,068 a year

Education Required: Bachelor’s degree

Job Growth: 1%

Job Duties: A radiation engineer is a professional who has expertise in the field of radiation protection and safety. Radiation engineers are usually responsible for the design, construction and operation of nuclear facilities. They also work to prevent accidents from occurring at such facilities.

The duty of a radiation engineer is to ensure that radiation protection is maintained at all times in order to minimize the risk of exposure to dangerous levels of radiation.

9. Substation Engineer

Median National Salary: $71,397 per year

Education Required: High school diploma

Job Growth: 3%

Job Duties: The substation engineer is responsible for the safe, efficient operation, maintenance and repair of electric transmission equipment. The substation engineer monitors and controls the use of the electricity. The substation engineer must be able to work with other electrical engineers, designers and project managers in order to achieve the required results.

The substation engineer must understand how to operate various types of equipment such as transformers, circuit breakers, feeders and switches that are used by utility companies to control power flow throughout the country.

10. Health And Safety Engineer

Median National Salary: $145,441

Education Required: Bachelor’s degree

Job Growth: 4%

Job Duties: There are many duties of a Health and Safety Engineer, but the most important one is to make sure that the workplace is safe. The other duties are to help improve the health and safety of workers in the workplace, as well as to make sure that the workplace is safe for everyone.

They ensure that procedures are followed correctly when dealing with any hazards or risks to people or property.

11. Energy Auditor

Median National Salary: $50,970

Education Required: Bachelor’s degree

Job Growth: 6%

Job Duties: Energy Auditors are responsible for conducting audits of energy efficiency projects, to ensure that the projects meet the requirements of the relevant legislation. They also provide advice on how best to improve energy efficiency in buildings and other infrastructure.

They also offer advice and recommendations to ensure that a business or organization is in compliance with the law, regulations and standards.

12. Petroleum Engineer

Median National Salary: $85,208 per year

Education Required: Bachelor’s degree

Job Growth: 8%

Job Duties: The duties of a Petroleum Engineer are very diverse and varied. They are expected to be able to design, construct and supervise the installation of oil and gas facilities. They must also be able to analyze data from refinery and field operations, process it and present it in a meaningful manner.

They must also be able to carry out maintenance of all kinds of equipment used in the extraction process, from drilling rigs to pipelines. They need to have a thorough knowledge of all the equipment used and how each one should be maintained in order for it to function properly.

13. Power Transmission Engineer

Median National Salary: $91,215 per year

Education Required: Bachelor’s degree

Job Growth: 8%

Job Duties: A power transmission engineer is a highly skilled professional that is responsible for the safe and reliable transportation of electricity over long distances. The work of this position involves many aspects, including the design, construction, installation and maintenance of electrical components such as transformers and circuit breakers.

The primary responsibility of this position is to ensure that power lines are installed correctly and remain in good condition for years to come.

14. Environmental Engineer

Median National Salary: $92,120

Education Required: Bachelor’s degree

Job Growth: 4%

Job Duties: Environmental Engineers are in charge of protecting the environment by ensuring that proper waste management, and air and water pollution control methods are implemented. The environmental engineer is responsible for assessing any environmental hazards that may exist within their land or area of responsibility. They must also be aware of all laws regarding pollution control and safety.

15. Journeyman Lineman

Median National Salary: $77,257 per year

Education Required: certificate

Job Growth: 6%

Job Duties: Journeyman Linemen have a lot of responsibilities such as installing, maintaining and repairing electrical lines for public utilities. They also perform safety checks on all equipment installed in their area.

They also help out with other tasks within the company such as testing new equipment that has been ordered by management or troubleshooting problems that arise in the field such as power outages caused by storms or other natural disasters.

Wrapping up

Public utilities are the backbone of any decent society, providing us with water to shower with, power for our electronics, telephone lines for communication and so much more.

Whether you are interested in working for a national company or one operated by your local government, there are plenty of options from which to choose once you have researched and found a position that fits your education and skillset.

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