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10 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services (Updated 2023)

The consumer services industry is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in recent years considering the increase in population and the rise of digital services. Opportunities brought by BPO companies and online freelancing platforms have grown exponentially in the past decade.

What Is The Industry Of Consumer Services?

The main types of consumer services are retail and wholesale services, leisure and hospitality, health and social services, and education services. The usage of the internet also brought many opportunities in consumer services such as freelancing, content creation and virtual assistance.

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10 Of the Best Paying Jobs In the Consumer Services Industry

1. Account Coordinator

  • Median National Salary:                   $51,909 per year
  • Required Education:                          Bachelor’s degree in business-related courses
  • Projected Job Growth 2020 – 2030:  17%

Job Duties: The job of an account coordinator involves dealing with people concerned with their accounts. This includes bank accounts, personal accounts, databases, and other necessary documentation. An account coordinator usually has the following duties:

  • Secure a strong relationship with the assigned clients
    • Support higher-ups in streamlining sales experience or order fulfilment
    • Generate sales leads
    • Maintain and update the client database
    • Prepare and file contracts and other significant documents
    • Coordinate meetings
    • Compile account performance reports

2. Bank Teller

  • Median National Salary:                   $58,639 per year
  • Required Education:                          High school diploma
  • Projected Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 17%

Job Duties: Bank tellers deal with people who have financial transactions. They are usually working up front especially when one has to either deposit or withdraw money. It may sound easy but it is a serious job since it involves money and trust. Here are the usual responsibilities of a bank teller:

  • Verify bank accounts
    • Process requests for money deposits or withdrawals
    • Inform customers regarding any issues with bank services
    • Provide clear instructions on how to address issues with bank services
    • Conduct payment collection
    • Process checks, money orders, and currency exchanges
    • Handle huge amounts of cash efficiently and accurately

3. Call Center Representative

  • Median National Salary:                   $54,519 per year
  • Required Education:                          High school diploma
  • Projected Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 14%

Job Duties: As one of the most outsourced jobs, call centre representatives are at the front of most companies. There may be no physical interaction, but the manner of speaking is the most important aspect of this job. A call centre representative usually has the following duties:

  • Handle both inbound and outbound calls
  • Listen to customer inquiries, feedback, or complaints about the products purchased
  • Respond fast to customers with clear information and a positive attitude
  • Follow call scripts
  • Determine the needs and issues despite the customer’s inability to express them clearly
  • Use CRM software and applications appropriately
  • May suggest and upsell company products

4. Concierge

  • Median National Salary:                   $62,928 per year
  • Required Education:                          High school diploma
  • Projected Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 20%

Job Duties: Concierge is a more professional term for a lifestyle assistant. People working in this position are in the hospitality business like in hotels, resorts and cruise ships. This can extend to other fields. Here are the things that are identified as duties of a concierge:

  • As hotel concierge – welcome and assist guests, accommodate their needs, and remind them of policies, guidelines and transactions
  • As a travel concierge – handle travel arrangements and transportation, plan and make the itinerary, and provide a positive atmosphere while touring
  • As a shopping concierge – take care of all shopping needs as much as possible and deliver goods fast and safely.
  • As lifestyle concierge – assist in helping customers maintain a work-life balance and ease the responsibilities of customers by handling errands

5. Flight Attendant

  • Median National Salary:                   $61,719 per year
  • Required Education:                          High school diploma
  • Projected Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 30%

Job Duties: Flight attendants deal with all sorts of airline passengers and all sorts of concerns they have. The concerns can range from as simple as providing refreshments to as complex as dealing with troublemakers. To give you an idea, here are the job duties of a flight attendant:

  • Relay the airline rules and safety guidelines to the passengers
  • Ensure that airline rules are followed by all passengers
  • Assist in handling bags and other things that can slow down the passengers
  • Secure the safety of each passenger by checking their seats
  • Announce clearly all necessary information
  • Defuse any situation that can cause panic
  • Check if all emergency equipment of an aeroplane is functional and complete
  • Offer food, refreshments, and other things that can provide comfort
  • Deal with an aggressor or troublemaker in a calm and assertive manner
  • Check emergency exits are functional and secure

6. Medical Receptionist

  • Median National Salary:                   $66,804 per year
  • Required Education:                          High school diploma
  • Projected Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 18%

Job Duties: The first person usually encountered by customers and patients in any medical centre is the medical receptionist. They handle the first line of questions before letting the customer or patient proceed to the next step. To have a much clearer understanding, here are the responsibilities of a medical receptionist:

  • Answer inquiries either by phone or in-face
  • Function as an intermediary between patients and doctors by relaying the necessary information
  • Handle administrative work such as scheduling appointments, processing payments, verifying 3rd party medical claims, and documentation
  • Coordinate with healthcare providers

7. Patient Coordinator

  • Median National Salary:                   $74,629 per year
  • Required Education:                          2-year associate degree in fitting medical courses
  • Projected Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 28%

Job Duties: A patient coordinator is a more specific job for certain nurses and medical caregivers. The aim is to coordinate with the patients in order to fulfill their needs and their doctors’ instructions. For more details, here are the job duties:

  • Assist patients directly and smoothly with several medical-related issues
  • Regularly monitor the progress of a patient
  • Handle concerns about healthcare plans
  • Communicate constantly with the patient’s family members to discuss progress, need for more treatment, healthcare plan, and future outlook

8. Receptionist

  • Median National Salary:                   $55,717 per year
  • Required Education:                          High school diploma
  • Projected Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 20%

Job Duties: A receptionist is a front desk job. The concierge and medical receptionist fall into this category, but in this context, this will refer to a receptionist of any type of business establishment. Here are the usual duties of a receptionist of a normal company:

  • Greet any inquiring customers in a positive manner
  • Provide clear directions to the next appropriate location or process
  • Handle all inbound and follow-up calls
  • Communicate with other departments for clarifications
  • Disseminate relevant information to the proper recipients
  • Assist in micromanagement

9. Service Advisor

  • Median National Salary:                   $53,336 per year
  • Required Education:                          Associate degree in automotive-related courses
  • Projected Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 12%

Job Duties: The context of service advisors here is that these are the jobs that involve advising customers about car-related services. In much simpler terms, they are middlemen when it comes to vehicle issues. Here are the more detailed job duties of a service advisor:

  • Function as an intermediary between car technicians and customers by providing necessary information
  • Offer reasonable solutions to customers about car-related issues
  • State comprehensive advice regarding the extent of the solution including timetable and cost
  • Guide customers to the procedures of having their cars serviced
  • Provide a preliminary assessment of the vehicle
  • Offer alternatives to customers as the car is being serviced

10. Technical Support Representative 

  • Median National Salary:                   $58,960 per year
  • Required Education:                          Any bachelor’s degree or technical training courses
  • Projected Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 16%

Job Duties: A technical support representative is similar to a call center representative but more focused on providing solutions to technical-related issues. The job is common in tech and software companies. Here are the job duties:

  • Assist customers in resolving their technical issues in a positive manner
  • Analyze and troubleshoot the problem described by the customer
  • Provide guidelines in preventing the problem to happen again
  • Recommend alternatives if there are no possible solutions applicable

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Wrapping up

There is a lot of variety of jobs in the consumer services industry. Based on the list, the median salary from the aforementioned top jobs is around $45,000 to $60,000. That amount can go even higher if you land on an international company and climb upward the corporate ladder. If you are inspired, get working on your communication skills and other required traits now.

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