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15 Best Paying Jobs In Energy (Updated 2023)

Most jobs in the energy sector require at least a bachelor’s degree in either science, engineering, or business-related courses. Workers are preferably engineers or certified technicians.

If you only have a high school diploma, you can still work in the energy sector as an installer or any of the more rigorous labour forces.

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The jobs in the energy sector can be either on the field or in the office. Most administrative and financial duties are conducted in the office. In the field, people with technical skill sets are a must.

Overall, you must have at least a background in basic Science and Math to work in any company in the energy sector.

15 Of the Best Paying Jobs in Energy Industry

1. Aerospace Engineer

Median National Salary$118,610 per year
Required EducationBachelor’s degree on related courses
Projected Job Growth 2020 – 20308%

Aerospace engineers are generally involved in any systems within the atmosphere. These include wind farms, airplanes, and even satellites. In relation to the energy sector, the outputs of working in this job are acquiring tons of information that can be beneficial to the logistics of energy companies. Here are the usual job duties:

  • Design and develop aircraft and flying machines
  • Help in designing satellites
  • Help in designing subsystems for wind energy plants
  • Work with the government’s military regarding the protection of the nation’s airspace jurisdiction

2. Architectural Engineer

Median National Salary$86,265 per year
Required EducationBachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering
Projected Job Growth 2020 – 20302%

Architectural engineering may seem an unusual term but it is a serious job. It is primarily a civil engineer with a much deeper focus on architecture. It can be seen as a fusion of the two jobs. In the energy sector, the following are the responsibilities of an architectural engineer: 

  • Analyze plans made by architects
  • Look for options in increasing efficiency and reduction of costs
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and codes
  • Review blueprints while conducting site visits and assessments

3. Chemist

Median National Salary$70,195 per year
Required EducationBachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering
Projected Job Growth 2020 – 20306%

The job of a chemist involves handling all chemicals and overseeing chemical reactions within the plant process. The responsibility of a chemist can be pretty high due to the delicate nature of chemicals used by companies in the energy sector. However, most tasks are accomplished in a laboratory rather than in the field. The job duties are:

  • Contribute to the development of chemicals
  • Contribute to the manufacturing of specialized lubricants and fuels
  • Perform precise assessments on the incoming chemicals and components
  • Evaluate the quality of final products
  • Figure out the stability of various dosage forms

4. Civil Engineer

Median National Salary$88,570 per year
Required EducationBachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering
Projected Job Growth 2020 – 20307%

Civil engineers are very vital to the energy sector. Construction of facilities and business expansion will not be possible without their expertise. Here are the usual responsibilities of civil engineers:

  • Plan, design, and manage large construction projects such as power plants, dams, and oil rigs
  • Bid proposals and present them to potential investors
  • Ensure safety always in the construction site
  • Design methods to minimize risk on the environment
  • Carry out architectural designs without compromising physics
  • Conduct geographical surveys and research
  • Secure pipelines and waste disposal

5. Environmental Engineer

Median National Salary$92,120 per year
Required EducationBachelor’s degree on related courses
Projected Job Growth 2020 – 20304%

Whatever the company is, whether it deals with renewable resources, non-renewable resources, or hybrid, an environmental engineer is needed. Environmental engineers work hand-in-hand with other engineers in order to ensure that the company’s construction and operation will not destroy the environment. Here are their duties:

Design methods that minimize harm while extracting and utilizing natural resources for energy production

  • Design technologies or processes that limit pollution
  • Conduct visits, audits, and assessments
  • Promote environmental protection and draft investigation reports
  • Monitor the status of environmental improvement programs and advocate sustainability
  • Assist in cleaning up of contaminated sites and handling hazardous waste

6. Financial Analyst 

Median National Salary$83,660 per year
Required EducationBachelor’s degree in business-related courses
Projected Job Growth 2020 – 20309%

The job of a financial analyst involves the company’s current finances and projections. A financial analyst in the energy sector usually has the following duties:

  • Analyze the company’s financial data
  • Create accurate business models and forecasts for the company
  • Make use of the energy market’s trends and patterns for own company’s advantage
  • Assess aspects and departments that either provide profit more or incur more losses
  • Provide recommendations for the company’s future business path

7. Geoscientist

Median National Salary$93,580 per year
Required EducationBachelor’s degree in Geology
Projected Job Growth 2020 – 20307%

Geoscientists are needed in the energy sector because there are companies that deal with resources harvested straight from the Earth. Here are the responsibilities of a geoscientist:

  • Travel to different locations and acquire geological data
  • Establish clear communication of information to other concerned departments
  • Research the impact of the company’s construction and operation on the Earth
  • Assess future sustainability of the company’s operation

8. Materials Engineer

Median National Salary$95,640 per year
Required EducationBachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering
Projected Job Growth 2020 – 20308%

If chemists analyze the chemicals and materials in a laboratory setting, the materials engineer is focused more on the field. The output of a materials engineer will affect the longevity of the company’s products, processes, and facilities. Here are the usual job responsibilities:

  • Develop, process, and test materials needed for various products
  • Study options in order to help decide if a company must choose between metals, ceramics, plastics, etc., for its products
  • Develop new and creative ways of using original materials
  • Determine the deterioration of materials
  • Perform necessary tests on materials such as durability and leakage

9. Nuclear Engineer

Median National Salary$116,140 per year
Required EducationBachelor’s degree in Nuclear Science & Technology
Projected Job Growth 2020 – 2030–8%

The job of a nuclear engineer covers almost all tasks within a nuclear power plant. Depending on the manpower required, the duties can be simple yet many or specific but few. Here are the usual job duties:

  • Supervise the operation of a nuclear power plant
  • Conduct processes that promote a safe environment within the plant
  • Monitor the level of radiation inside and outside the plant
  • Handle nuclear waste in the safest manner required
  • Research for more usage of radioactive material in industrial and medical setting

10. Petroleum Engineer

Median National Salary$130,850 per year
Required EducationBachelor’s degree in related courses
Projected Job Growth 2020 – 20308%

This job is probably one of the most highly paid jobs in the energy sector. Knowing that the world economy is still dependent on fossil fuels, petroleum engineers play a big role in the industry. Here are the job duties:

  • Assess, plan, and manage the resource extraction procedures of the company
  • Ensure the safety of the workers and the environment from the methods used
  • Assist other departments that handle the extracted resources
  • Research ways for the longevity of the company’s business

11. Power Plant Operator

Median National Salary$80,850 per year
Required EducationVocational training certificate
Projected Job Growth 2020 – 2030–15%

All operators of whatever type of power plant have similar main duties. Here are the following:

  • Perform daily operations of a certain power plant facility
  • Monitor the output indicated by measuring gauges
  • Conduct maintenance routine
  • Relay significant information to the higher authority
  • Troubleshoot and resolve technical problems
  • Contribute to micromanaging the processes of a power plant

12. Project Manager

Median National Salary$104,984 per year
Required EducationBachelor’s degree in related courses
Projected Job Growth 2020 – 20307%

A project manager can deal not only with the technical aspects of the company but also deal with workers directly. To learn more about the usual responsibilities of a project manager, here are the following:

  • Handle the feasibility studies, which include site visits, financial analysis, and progress reports
  • Secure the smooth coordination between the technical departments involved in a particular project
  • Acquire and distribute the necessary resources for the project
  • Monitor the output of workers involved in order to stay on schedule and on budget

13. Renewable Energy Consultant

Median National Salary$75,000 per year
Required EducationBachelor’s degree on related courses
Projected Job Growth 2020 – 203010%

The job of a renewable energy consultant is crucial for a renewable energy company to move forward. It may be easy to make statements but those can carry responsibilities that affect many people. The duties of a renewable energy consultant are:

  • Provide advice to companies and clients about their renewable energy project
  • Contribute to the troubleshooting and resolving of a technical problem
  • Conduct feasibility studies for the improvement of the operations
  • Promote practices that don’t harm the environment

14. Solar Photovoltaic Installer

Median National Salary$47,670 per year
Required EducationHigh school diploma
Projected Job Growth 2020 – 203027%

Since solar panels are the most common renewable energy system used globally, being an installer can be rewarding. Here are the common duties that a solar photovoltaic installer can fulfill:

  • Plan the placement of solar PV panels and strategize their optimum position
  • Ensure the safety and efficiency of wiring systems and batteries
  • Perform troubleshooting and repair for any defective solar PV panels and parts
  • Remove hazards around the area of installation

15. Wind Farm Site Manager

Median National Salary$110,000 per year
Required EducationBachelor’s degree in related courses
Projected Job Growth 2020 – 20307%

Windmills are giant machines. So usually, the wind farm site manager is located afar as he/she manages the operations. Here are the job duties of a wind farm site manager:

  • Oversee the daily operations in a wind farm
  • Manage relationships between vendors and contractors in order to keep the wind farm running smoothly
  • Conduct maintenance routine and safety drills within the wind farm and the neighboring establishments

How One Can Get A Good Paying Job In The Energy Industry?

You can land any of the good-paying jobs mentioned above if you have the required education first. After achieving that, you need to look for companies that have consistent operations and a good reputation.

This includes constant production of output, less exposure to hazards, and having career growth priorities. Take note, the competition can be stiff for high paying jobs. Therefore, equipping yourself with the necessary training other than the required education is advantageous.

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Where Can One Find The Best Paying Jobs In The Energy Industry?

Generally, the field where there is more risk provides higher payment. Oil and gas companies are very high-paying companies. Since the demand for fuel will always be high and constant, it is only logical that those companies have large profits and can afford to provide large salaries.

Also, jobs that are complex in nature can be among the best paying. This is so because of the level of expertise needed in order to solve difficult problems that can be costly and directly affect the consumers. Nuclear energy companies and high profile renewable energy projects need highly trained experts. This means that the pay and the benefits are also very enticing.


The competition for employment in the energy sector can be tight. Looking at the top jobs listed above, salaries can range averagely from $60,000 to $140,000, and this is alluring to many. If you want to secure a spot on any of the top jobs, reinforce your related educational background with appropriate training. Lastly, don’t forget to prioritize safety.

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