15 Data Entry Jobs You Can Do from Home

If you’re looking for a way to make money at home that involves typing, becoming a data entry specialist may be right up your alley. Besides, this is an always-on-demand job, so there are plenty of opportunities for you out there — all you need is to know the right platforms to secure a contract or gig, and in this post, we’re giving you plenty of that.

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Companies Hiring Data Entry Specialists

1. Capital Typing

Capital Typing is a company that offers data entry solutions to businesses and both full-time and part-time data entry positions to individuals. If you get hired, you’ll be an independent contractor, and most of the work at this company involves transcribing documents — though, content writing work is occasionally available too.

Note that this company is always opening new roles, so if the current ones aren’t what you’re looking for, don’t forget to check regularly — maybe next time you find your dream role.

2. Kendall Creek Communications

Kendal Creek is always looking for independent contractors to perform data entry and research tasks for a wide variety of industries and companies. Once hired, you’ll be asked to complete data entry assignments for immigration, social security files, legal transcription, veterans affairs, legal clients, and more.

Usually, pay rates are set by clients and can go from $1.25 to $2 per double-spaced page — every contractor has the option to decline an assignment if the rates don’t align with your needs, or if you can’t meet the deadline.  

3. Xerox

Xerox is an American company that offers workplace and digital printing solutions. They’re constantly looking for individuals to fill in certain roles, including data entry and verification. Note that for these roles, it’s recommended to go to Xerox’s website and send in your resume, so that they can notify you whenever a data entry job is available. 

4. Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands is a leading site in the virtual assistant movement. They’re always hiring people interested in performing secretarial services, including doing data entry work, making phone calls, scheduling appointments, and doing market research. They’ve been around for quite a while, as an independent contractor, you’ll make an average of $3-$7 per task.

5. FlexJobs

As you may already know, FlexJobs is the biggest job board on the internet, and it has been leading the remote workforce since 2007. Here, you’ll find a myriad of jobs — even the rarest and less on-demand ones, as long as they’re remote. So, start by creating an account and filling out your profile, so you can then apply and hopefully get a contract as a data entry specialist.

The best thing about FlexJobs, by the way, is that the staff hand-screen every job listing, so you don’t have to worry about scams or questionable clients.

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Freelance Data Entry Positions

These are freelancing platforms in which you can find lots of data entry jobs, and while some of them pay cents per task, they are the perfect option for those trying to learn the ropes of data entry.

1. microWorkers

If you’re starting your data entry career, microWorkers is a great place to get your feet wet. Here, you’ll be completing short entry-level tasks (1-2 minutes), and the best is that you don’t have prior experience to sign up with them.

2. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk, also known as MTurk, is a marketplace where individuals and businesses post their data and content moderation tasks so that people like you can help them. These tasks don’t take more than a few minutes, and pay rates depend on the client.

3. Clickworker

Clickworker offers a wide variety of tasks in the field of data entry, including content creation, text corrections, and surveys. Once hired, you’ll be an independent contractor, and your job will be to complete micro-tasks based on your skills.

4. Fiverr

Fiverr is another freelance platform, but the only difference is that it’s more suitable for those with some experience in the data entry field. This company started as a $5 marketplace (every service cost $5), but now it’s a professional freelance hub where freelance can charge anything from $5-$10,000. All you need to start at Fiverr is to create and fill out your profile, set your rates, and pitch clients or promote your gig. Note that Fiverr takes a 20% commission per every project you work on.

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Staffing Agencies That Hire Data Entry Specialists

It may be a little unheard of, but staffing and temp agencies are great places to find part-time, full-time, and remote data entry positions. Just note that if hired, you’ll be doing more than data entry tasks, including answering phone calls, providing customer service, or verifying signatures. However, the best thing about these agencies is that the pay is usually higher and better than the average data entry company. These are two great agencies you may want to check:

1. Kelly Services

Kelly Services is a US-based company that offers roles to both US and international residents. You must go to their search bar, type the type of work you’re interested in (data entry), and narrow down the options to remote work opportunities. Then, once you find a job listing that meets your needs, send your resume and letter of introduction.

2. Robert Half

Robert Half specializes in jobs in the areas of marketing, administrative jobs, legal, finance, and technology. Go to their site and simplify your search by selecting your location (it can be remote), job type, and specialization.

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Other Online Positions that Involve Typing

1. General Transcription Jobs

Even though the medical and legal fields are the ones with the most data entry jobs, you can still find plenty of them in a more general field. As an example, general transcription jobs are a great alternative for those looking for data entry work.

Once hired, your job will mainly consist of transcribing audio files into written documents. Note that a typing speed test is required to apply (most sites only accept candidates with a minimum typing speed of 50 words per minute). 

Companies Hiring include:

2. Closed Captioning

If you enjoy watching videos or listening to others speak, closed captioning may be exactly what you’re looking for. This is the perfect remote data entry job, and to make things better, reputable closed captioning companies are known for paying high rates.

Another good thing about this job is that you’ll have a wide variety of job options, as assignments can involve content creation, transcription, and translation.

Companies Hiring include:

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What Is Data Entry?

The term data entry may be relatively modern, but the concept has remained the same since typewriters were created. In other words, data entry is the process of taking a hard or recorded copy of a transcript and inputting it into a computer database, such as Microsoft Excel, Word, or any other software.

The truth is that the method you use to input information into a computer database varies from company to company, so you may be asked to either transcribe information, scan documents, listen to audio clips, or just input answers from a survey/test. One way or the other, that’s called data entry.

What Skills Do I Need to Become a Data Entry Specialist?

One of the best things about data entry is that everyone can do it — seriously. If you have a high school degree or the equivalent, then you already have a half-leg up. Following are the soft skills and working knowledge you need to have a successful data entry career.

Data Entry Skills Needed for Data Entry Positions

These are the skills recruiters usually look for in a potential candidate for a data entry position:

Organizational Skills

The term organizational skills refer to one’s ability to successfully manage your work life. In other words, people with high organizational skills succeed at working from home, as they’re able to meet deadlines, keep an agenda, communicate effectively through email, and complete projects for several clients.

Communication Skills

Efficient and successful data entry specialists know how to communicate in a clear and timely fashion. 

Computer Skills

While every data entry position is different, having a working knowledge of computing is needed for the overall success of a data entry specialist. You must be able to perform basic computer tasks, including sending and forwarding emails, creating and modifying files, navigating the web, and knowing how to use the computer’s essential programs.

Microsoft Word

As a data entry specialist, you’re going to be asked at some point in your career to type a document into Microsoft Word, so knowing the basics of this program will help you perform better.

Typing Skills

For your information, your typing skills will determine how much money you can make as a data entry specialist — the faster your typing speed is, the more you’ll earn. In fact, most companies ask for a typing speed of at least 45 words per minute (WPM).

If you’re not aware of your typing skills, several online sites let you take unlimited typing tests for free.

Google Docs

Like Microsoft Office, Google Docs is the cloud-based option offered by Google that many companies seem to love. So, knowing your way around all Google Docs (Docs, Slides, and Sheets) will come in handy.


Knowing how to use spreadsheets to organize data is one of the main requirements to become a data entry specialist. The good news is that most companies use either Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, so if you don’t have much experience using those programs, you can practice with your own computer.

Communication Platforms You Should Familiarize Yourself with Before Applying to Any Data Entry Position

As a data entry specialist, you’ll be in constant communication with your employer, which requires you to have a general understanding of certain platforms. Note that your employer may use a different platform, but these are the most used ones:

1. Email

Email is one of the oldest and most effective communication methods, and many employers and companies choose this way to send assignments and queries. If you’re not familiarized with this yet, simply create an account and start emailing close friends and family.

2. Live Chat

Live chat platforms like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Trello, Telegram, and Voxer are now popular among companies too, as this is a great way for immediate communication. Create an account on these platforms and test them out with friends.

3. Video Calls

Video call platforms such as Zoom and Google Meets became increasingly popular at the beginning of the pandemic and are now the go-to option whenever a face-to-face meeting is needed. Thanks to these platforms, people can recreate a virtual office meeting, and the best is that you can customize your background at any time.

Now that you’re aware of the platforms you’ll be using as a data entry specialist, it’s time for you to know about the companies hiring data entry specialists, as well as the platforms in which you could find data entry gigs.

Online Data Entry Job Scams to Be Aware Of

Regrettably, the remote work industry is full of questionable people trying to take your money, and data entry happens to be the field with most scammers, as it’s extremely easy to impersonate a legit client and attract lots of candidates. Because of that, you must learn to identify whether a job listing is legit or a scam.

Scammers usually copy every single detail of a legit data entry job offer and publish their own — that’s why you may find several job listings with the same information and similar titles. They often use Skype IDs, Facebook accounts, phone numbers, and fake email accounts to rob clients, so keep that in mind. Following are the most common ways they operate:

  • High Salary for Entry-Level Positions: Most data entry positions pay between $11 and $19 an hour, so be aware if someone is offering over $30 per hour.
  • No Social Proof: If you can’t locate the company’s digital print (website, social media, articles about them, etc), chances are it’s a scam.
  • Fees to Join: Legit companies and individuals would never ask you for an upfront payment for the equipment you’ll need.
  • Paid Training: Legit data entry positions don’t require training, especially not paid ones.
  • Check Cashing: Scammers love to ask candidates to cash a check (so that you can buy your equipment, according to them), to later reverse it and steal your money.

“Data is the new oil.”

“Data is the new oil.”

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