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2023 Software Engineers Salaries at FAANG, other Tech Giants

1. Facebook Software Engineers Salary

The starting salary for a software engineer with one year of experience at Facebook now called Meta is $161K, while a senior software engineer can make up to $300K, and if you’re an expert with more than 15 years of experience, then you can make up to $1M.

Employees do receive bonuses, but it all depends on your position and qualifications, so the information is not readily available.

As a Meta software engineer, you also have stock options worth $39,649 per year, and a bonus of $18,175.

2. Apple

At Apple, an entry-level software engineer can earn from $123k to $205k, while a junior engineer earns between $163k and $263K, and a senior one up to $393k. Those with over 13 years of experience are paid between $400k and $776k.

Apple employees can also buy up to 10% of their salary into Apple stocks twice a year and receive a 15% discount. Apple-employed mothers benefit from Apple’s four weeks of maternity leave and 14 weeks afterward.

The company also offers employees 25% and 50% discounts on selected products.

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3. Amazon

Amazon’s entry-level software engineers earn an average of $134k, while junior engineers can earn between $148k and $400k, senior ones have a salary that goes from $441k to $830k.

In this company, employees don’t have many stock options available when compared with the companies mentioned before, but the more years you have at the company, the more you’ll be able to buy. Amazon uses its own system to provide employees with stock options, and it’s called Amazon RSU.

Depending on your position as a software engineer and performance, Amazon can offer you a bonus of up to $60,000.

4. Netflix

The estimated salary for a software engineer at Netflix is $138,232 annually and includes a $19,535 bonus. If you have more experience, then you can earn between $225k to $506k.

Employees here enjoy benefits that cover their family members such as tuition bonuses, financial education, and wellness retreats. Netflix automatically gives employees free stock options of up to 5% of their salary annually.

Alternatively, employees can also direct a portion of their salaries to invest in stock options.

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5. Google

An entry-level software engineer at Google can earn between $124k and $223k, while a junior engineer can earn from $185k to $435k, and a senior one, depending on the years of experience, can earn between $403K to $767k.

Google employees receive lots of benefits including paid vacations, free products, tuition bonuses, and scholarships. Regarding stock options, Google employees can either exercise their vested stock to hold and sell them later or continue to hold the option to purchase shares later.  

6. Microsoft

At Microsoft, an entry-level software engineer can make up to $185k per year, while a junior and senior engineer can earn up to $204k and $303k, respectively. Regarding stock options, employees can purchase shares at a discount to their stock price, and the contribution will be taken from the employee’s monthly salary after taxes.

Some Microsoft’s allowances include $1,200 of wellness-related expenses and supplemental worker’s compensation. Bonuses are discussed on a case-to-case basis, so the final amount will depend on your experience and position.

7. Tesla

Tesla’s software engineers earn an average of $143,736 annually, which represents 34% above the national average. But, those with more experience and qualifications can earn from $209k to $441k.

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Regarding stock options, employees can get 15% discounts on Tesla stocks twice a year during specific buying periods. Tesla’s allowance includes benefits of a maximum of $1M per employee and life insurance.

On top of that, employees offer top-notch training so employees can have cutting-edge technical skills.

That is it for today. Let us know in the comments which company you would want to work for!

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