Best Freelance Websites to Find Remote Jobs Online

12 Best Freelance Websites to Find Remote Jobs Online

The demand for freelancers is high so you can often find good paying gigs with just a little bit of effort.

The following freelancing websites (for remote jobs) provide easy-to-use platform with plenty of opportunities.

1. DesignHill

With the explosion of online business activity that we’ve seen in recent years, businesses require plenty of graphic design work to handle their web design and business image, which calls for plenty of graphic designers.

One of the best platforms for graphic design freelancers to meet these business owners is DesignHill.

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While you can work one-on-one with clients here, there are many campaigns and competitions that allow you to make money, and they also have a marketplace where clients can purchase ready-made designs. They accept designers of all skill levels but, unfortunately, do not have a dedicated mobile application.

You can make anything from $100 to $1,000 per design job on the platform, depending on your skill level rating.

2. Codeable

Coding is one of the most marketable skills one can have in this day and age, and there are plenty of freelancing gigs to go around both for beginners and experienced coders.

Codeable is designed to provide business owners with skilled WordPress developers to help them set up their online business presence. The platform offers workers great benefits due to their specialized skills, meaning that clients will essentially come to you rather than wait for you to seek them out.

As a developer here, you can expect to be paid between $50 and $100 for each hour of time you spend working on a client’s project.

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3. Toptal

At the higher end of the freelancing world, you will find platforms such as Toptal that offer top-tier services to clients that demand the best quality.

They specialize in finance and development services, which involve evaluating financial statements, financial reporting, tax statement preparation, etc.

To get the very best workers, they have a stringent application process that typically calls for extensive resumes and plenty of experience in the industry, but their significantly higher pay rates balance this out.

On average, developers earn $80 an hour, but this can range up to $150 per hour depending on your particular skill set and capabilities.

Most Toptal workers will earn between $800 and $3,000 each week.

4. TaskRabbit

The gig economy has given rise to multiple platforms that allow people to take on small jobs for their clients.

TaskRabbit is one such operation that links people with workers willing to carry out minor day-to-day tasks for people willing to pay them for it. This particular service advertises delivery services, house cleaning, and personal assistant services, although there is considerable leeway regarding the types of tasks workers and clients can agree to.

To get started on TaskRabbit, you will only need to create an account online or through their mobile application, which their team will review. You will be required to indicate your area of residence, the types of work you are willing to do, and how much you wish to be paid for them.

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After a background check is carried out to help weed out any potentially dangerous elements, you will be asked to pay a registration fee of $25, after which you will be free to scan their job listings on their mobile app for openings that suit you. As soon as you have completed a task, you will only need to send in an invoice indicating the hours you have worked, and your clients will deposit the indicated amount directly into your registered bank account.

TaskRabbit is a favorite for many workers due to its flexibility, custom hourly rates, and the fact that they do not charge workers any service fees. They make their money by charging the clients, meaning that you will receive the full amount you requested.

Once you earn a high rating on the platform by performing your tasks promptly and effectively, you can set your hourly rates higher, with the average top-rated workers earning between $30 and $50 an hour.

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5. Flexjobs

Another great option for beginners in the freelancing world is Flexjobs. This is a great starting point for workers hoping to find jobs related to Information Technology, project management, data entry, and other related tasks.

It is a subscription service, charging job seekers $49.95 each year, but it makes this charge worth it by rigorously vetting potential employers before presenting their jobs.

This minimizes the often high rate of scam jobs that plague less careful job sites and cause great time and money losses, especially for freelance beginners. They do not charge workers any commission on their work and provide them with highly advanced job search filters that make it easy to find the best work for your skills.


Rev Transcription Jobs is one of the world’s largest and most popular freelance sites. It specializes in providing transcription services to its clients, from business owners, professors, doctors, lawyers, and various other professionals and executives who need to have audio transcripts converted to properly formatted text.

They accept workers from all over the world as long as you can pass their application exam, which demonstrates your familiarity with the English language and your ability to type at a suitable rate.

Depending on your particular skills, experience, and ratings, you can earn up to $1,600 per month.

7. HireWriters

Some of the most accessible work for freelancing beginners is found in the writing field.

HireWriters is one of the best platforms offering writing jobs to workers. It is especially useful for beginners as it will help you learn the ins and outs of freelancing and working with clients. While it might not pay as highly as other writing sites, it will allow you to build a solid writing foundation and gain the experience and skills that will allow you to earn more in the future.

Considering factors such as revisions, tips, and direct assignments in addition to your own skills and writing pace, the average writer on the platform earns about $200 each week.

8. UpWork

One of the world’s largest freelancing platforms is UpWork. They have millions of users on their platforms, ensuring that clients can get people who are willing and able to handle any work that they may need to be done.

They have established a solid reputation for good pay, reputable employers, and extensive job prospects. All you need to do is sign up and create your profile, and you will be able to start bidding for jobs immediately.

Because of the huge variety of job types and positions available on the platform, workers on Upwork have a broad range of salaries.

Graphic designers may earn around $90,000; bookkeepers around $40,000; transcribers around $32,000, and so on. In general terms, you can expect to make anything from $32,000 to $120,000.

9. SimplyHired

SimplyHired has a place among the world’s most useful and effective freelancing platforms. Workers on the site are mainly in the digital services industry.

It works similarly to a job board, allowing you to sift through job postings once you submit your resume. They are uniquely advantaged because they allow you to filter job postings by location, meaning that workers do not need to work remotely if they prefer not to.

The jobs posted on the platforms are real-world positions, so you can expect to be paid the going rate for your profession or skill set.

10. 99designs

99designs is an excellent platform for freelance designers to connect with potential clients in need of their services.

It is designed to provide a place where designers and businesses can collaborate, focusing on web design, logo design, and other graphic design applications. Once you sign up on the platform, you will typically be asked to create a work profile that includes some samples of your previous work and details regarding your previous work experience so that potential clients can see whether you are a good fit for the job they have in mind.

These details will also determine how the platform’s curation team sets your designer level. The higher your level is, the more clients will be shown your profile and the more potential earnings you will have the chance to make.

The winner of a Bronze Level logo design competition, for example, will earn $190, and this can go all the way up to $800 for design contests. Once a client chooses to work with you, you will be charged an introduction fee of $100 and a platform fee anywhere between 5% and 15% of the total project’s price tag.

While their commission might be high relative to many other freelancing platforms out there, they offer excellent customer support, well-paying clients, high payment security, and a very active community of designers more than makes up for it.

11. Aquent

Aquent is one of the best platforms available today that focuses on digital and graphics services such as user interface design, front-end development, graphic design, and digital marketing.

They are different from many other platforms in that they seek to provide job seekers with permanent employment by allowing them to interact freely with potential employers.

Because of this, however, the platform is suited for freelancers based in the United States or Canada.

They are well-known for their excellent, hands-on worker support. The amount of money you make through the platform will depend on the job type, with back-end developers making $18 per hour and cloud engineers earning $140,000.

12. Upstack

Upstack is one of the specialized platforms catering to programmers and companies that require their services. For many years, the company has been in the industry and has created a solid reputation for only taking exceptional, experienced programmers.

Upstack is an excellent opportunity for programmers and developers due to its excellent pay rates, opportunities for long-term working relationships, and exceptional worker support systems.

The average developer or programmer can earn an average of $80,000 per year, with plenty of opportunities to grow their income further.

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring the best freelancing websites and start finding quality work that will help you grow your business.

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