How Much Nurses Earn in the US, UK, Germany, Canada, and Australia

Nurse Salary in the US, UK, Germany, Canada, and Australia

If there is one career that is always in demand it is nursing, and the best of all is that developed countries are constantly looking for nurses. So, if you are interested in working either in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, or Australia, in this article we are sharing data on how much you can earn in one of these countries.

Nurse Salary in the United States

Let’s start with the United States. First off, your salary will depend on the state you’re in and your role. As expected, nurses with little to no experience, earn less than seasoned ones, and usually, they start at hospitals and are paid anywhere between $26-$29 per hour.

If you decide to take night shifts, you can expect an increase of $4-$6 per hour. More experienced nurses can earn up to $40 hourly. In general, nurses in the United States can earn between $60,000 to $90,000 per year.

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Nurse Salary in the United Kingdom

In the UK, a banding system is used to determine a nurse’s salary. This system starts with band 5 until band 9, which is the highest category. So, if you’re a nurse with a band 5 you will earn £31,534 per year, whereas if you have a band 9 you can earn up to £108,075 annually.

If we divide that amount by the average working weeks, then your weekly salary would be anywhere between £688 and £730.

Nurse Salary in Germany

Depending on your experience as a nurse, you can earn anywhere between €43.568 and €76.072 annually or an average of €29,54 the hour.

Now, if you have one to three years of experience, you classify as an entry-level nurse and you will be earning around 17€ per hour. If you’re a nurse with three to five years, you will be making an average of €29 hourly, and if you’re a senior nurse with more than eight years of experience, then you can make up to €54 per hour.

On top of that, the German government pays nurses a bonus of €1008 monthly.

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Nurse Salary in Canada

In Canada, your salary will depend on several factors including qualifications, years of experience, location, and specialty.

Nursing students are able to work, and they are also classified for the entry-level position, so if you are either a student or have little experience, you can earn between $20 and $30 per hour.

If you do have some experience, however, you will earn $40.28 per hour, and if you are a pro, you can earn up to $50 hourly. The average annual salary is $78,546.

Nurse Salary in Australia

Last but not least, we have Australia, one of the top 10 highest paying countries in the world. Here, with an entry-level position, you can expect to make $30,06 hourly, and if you have a bit more experience then you classify for an early career position and the hourly pay is $31.83.

If you’re more experienced, you can make $37.17 per hour and if you are really experienced, then you can make up to $40 per hour. So, depending on your experience and the place you work, you can earn an annual salary of $40,000 or $120,000.

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Top 3 Highest Paying Countries for Nurses

As you can see, you can make a decent living as a nurse in these countries, but, if you’re after a bigger fish, then you can consider moving to the top three highest paying countries for nurses in the world: Luxembourg with an annual salary for mid-career nurses of $91,000, Denmark with $87,436 for the average nursing position, and Canada with $78,546.

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