13 Sites That Give Free Laptops & Computers

If you are in need of a computer, there are many companies that will give you one for free. The catch for some of these companies is that you may have to work for them first.

Consider checking out some of these work from home companies that give away free laptops and computers.

1. American Express

American Express is one of the most widely recognized brands in the United States and working for them is highly desirable.

According to reports, the company will not only provide remote employees with all the computing equipment they need to carry out their responsibilities but send someone over to your home to set everything up for you correctly. Sounds good, right?

They also have plenty of positions for virtual work, including team leaders, customer care specialists, travel consultants, and more, and these can either be full-time or remote postings.

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2. Ghost

Another great option for potential remote work and a free computer is Ghost. This company specializes in developing open-source software that has been used in creating many of the most popular blogs in the whole world today. Their industry lends itself well to remote work, so most of their staff works from home.

Successful applicants will receive the latest computer setups to help them get started on their jobs.

3. World Travel Holdings

World Travel Holdings is a travel agent organization with numerous work-from-home positions available. These positions are spread across various departments such as reservations, travel sales, marketing, and more.

The company offers employees a computer, keyboard, mouse, headset, and phone to facilitate their work. To take advantage of their offer, potential employees will need to place a refundable deposit of $500 with them (spread out over 5 deductions from your pay), meaning that you will be financially responsible for your computer. Still, you can get your money back once you return the computer to them.

4. Apple

Apple is one of the biggest luxury tech corporations worldwide, and working for them is a prestigious engagement in most people’s eyes. Their Apple At-Home-Advisor program offers some of the most highly-regarded positions in the work-from-home ecosystem. The positions entail providing help to users of Apple products across the United States and beyond, either as a tech specialist or general customer relations operative.

Not only will you be working for one of the most profitable companies globally, but all employees in the program also receive free MAC computers once they are confirmed in their positions. Aside from the free computers, employees might also be eligible for some of these positions that will involve talking over the phone, while others will mostly involve chat-based communications at the same time.

Apple sets itself apart from most companies by offering full-time benefits to many at-home workers, such as health insurance and savings plans.

5. Nordstrom

The retail industry took advantage of online shopping much more readily than most other industries, maintaining a headstart in the new field. One of the biggest retail chains in the arena is Nordstrom, a luxury retailer with a large market share in the United States.

They offer remote working positions to customer service agents and remarkable employee benefits such as 401(k) saving plans, health cover, dental plans, and travel costs for employee training.

They will provide all the necessary computing equipment to accomplish your duties.

6. Progressive Company

Another financial operation on this list is the Progressive Company. This is a typical insurance group offering personal, group, automotive, commercial, and other forms of insurance to United States citizens. What makes it stand out is its adoption of remote working practices.

The insurance group has a number of work-from-home positions available such as customer service, sales, marketing, and conflict resolution geared towards ensuring that their clients have the best experience with them. The company will provide their employees with all the computing equipment they need.

7. Broadpath Healthcare Solutions

The healthcare industry has not been left behind in the shift towards virtual work. While it may seem rather difficult to imagine what kind of medical assistance a person may be able to provide from their home, there are plenty of other processes and requirements that are more conveniently handled remotely when it comes to our health and wellbeing. One of these is the payment process. Broadpath Healthcare Solutions makes it possible for patients and clients to handle their payments and other transactions completely online, making things more convenient for everyone concerned.

The company has a very virtual-friendly culture, so most of its positions are remote. While their positions might require that you invest in high-speed internet connectivity, they will put up the funds for a suitable computer and all other necessary equipment.

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8. Active Network

Active Network is a tech company that specializes in creating cloud systems, mobile apps, management software, and more on behalf of sporting teams and event managers. Employees who would qualify for their work-from-home program will typically be working in the customer service department. They will be tasked with handling reservations and taking questions from potential clients.

Their employees working from home are all provided with a computer, phone, headset, keyboard, and mouse. Their only caveat is that employees will have to provide their own computer monitors as they do not provide them themselves.

9. Files.com

Yet another organization whose workforce is entirely remote is Files.com. The company specializes in creating cloud storage solutions for companies that need them.

If you fit their available positions, you will be provided with all the necessary computing equipment that you need.

10. Holland America

The tourism industry is finally bouncing back after two devastating years of lockdowns, and its online presence is a vital part of its efforts. Holland America is a cruise company that is on the lookout for people to man their reservation desks remotely, helping potential clients make reservations over the phone or online. They provide employees with dual monitors, softphones, headsets, and paid training.

11. A Place For Mom

Now, we all need to keep in mind the fact that we’re not going to live forever. For those of us with elderly parents or grandparents, we might have to think of the best way to take care of them in their golden years, even before thinking about our sunset years. A Place For Mom is an online resource organization that assists people looking for ideal nursing home care or assisted living solutions for elderly relations. They offer remote working positions for Senior Living Advisors whose responsibility is to help guide callers to the best care options available.

Remote workers will be provided with all the computers and equipment they need for the job.

12. Zapier

With so much work, communications, and interactions taking place online, there is an ever-increasing need for ways to share data and information across various networks. Zapier is a company specializing in creating solutions and tools that link different online applications together so that they can share data. The aim here is to make it easier for us to access and use these separate data resources. Their positions are mostly remote, and they will provide all the equipment you need to get the job done.

13. Buffer

Another great option for those hoping to earn their living from the comfort of their home is Buffer. This tech company is best known for developing applications designed to help you manage various social media accounts well. Their apps accomplish this role through various measures such as scheduling posts, cross-posting, etc. The company has an excellent reputation for its treatment of employees, offering them numerous perks and benefits, including health insurance, paid time off, company retreats, and more.

The company’s staff works entirely from home, meaning everyone from the CEO down works virtually. They make the job even easier for you by providing Macbooks to all their employees at the company’s expense. It doesn’t get much better than that.

A Final Word

It would be best if you kept in mind that the equipment given to you will not necessarily become your property in most cases. It is more prudent to consider it a loan and take care of it as you would equipment that you will need to return someday. Even so, working from home can be just as satisfying as an in-office engagement as long as you maintain a positive attitude and work diligently as well, so get out there and give it all you’ve got!

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