Jobs! Here are USA companies currently hiring foreigners

Are you aware that anyone from any nationality can work at U.S. military bases and earn American wage in dollars? U.S military contractors are employing personnel from all over the world.

These positions are open to anyone ready to work abroad and relocate to any part of the world where they will offer support role services to the U.S. military in different bases across the world.

Most of these support jobs are contracted to companies such as PAE, KBR, Vectus, and Flour.

KBR Jobs

KBR is the leading military contractor company that has partnered with the government to provide the U.S. Army with comprehensive solutions that emphasize safety and efficiency at the bottom of the ocean in outer space in project design from planning, maintenance, design, and sustainability.

Its main work includes constructing facilities and managing infrastructures found in the army base camps such as beds, food services, sanitation, laundry, and utilities. Additionally, KBR also supports the reception, integration, staging process of U.S. forces when they depart or enter their operation centers by sea, rail, or air.

Some of the KBR job openings to look out for are available in different countries where the U.S. Army has set its base on U.S. soil, Iraq, Kuwait, Kenya, Somalia, and more.

PAE Jobs

Another currently employed company is Pacific Architects and Engineers (PAE), an American defense and government service contractor headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.

PAE supports the army in executing critical and complex tasks by offering global logistics, technical services, stability operations, and national security solutions. You can apply for various opening opportunities by logging in to PAE log cap careers.

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Some of the jobs to apply for include administrative assistance, Installation and Maintenance, Plumber, clerk, Data entry clerk, Shop foreman, Mechanic, file clerk, information Design and Documentation, Scientific Research and Development, and more.

Salary for some of these jobs is hourly, weekly, and monthly. If they become successful, the applicant will receive all the benefits stipulated under the contract terms, such as health insurance, time off payment, wellness program, and more.

An example of a PAE job currently listed in the portal is Aircraft Mechanic II in South Korea, which pays $ 21.03/Hr.; $85 per Diem for each shift per day. If you qualify for this role, you can take advantage of this opportunity to work in South Korea.

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Flour is another trusted company that is hiring military contract jobs. Flour is a leader when it comes to engineering and contraction jobs. It offers regional planning support for the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM), which falls under the U.S. Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) V.

LOGCAP job opportunities under Flour include many support roles like electricians, vector control, firefighting, power generation, vector control, material control, and plumbing. The army looks to Flour to help them in logistical support jobs to focus on their core mission at hand. You can apply for the above opportunities and more under Flour by logging into Flour LOGCAP; you can apply for up to 5 positions per day for 20 different places within 30 days.

Other opportunities are available for veterans to apply for and offer their experience.


Vectrus was awarded a military contract to support the U.S. military with essential services that support its military operation worldwide. Vectrus is widely known for offering engineering and professional services which give lasting solutions in building, energy, transportation, water, and environmental markets to make communities prosper.

Vectrus provides services to the military such as engineering design, emergency backup power generation, air terminal operations, construction management, bulk fuel, and retail energy. Kindly login to to find opportunities like Food Service Shift Lead, Business System Administrator, Director of Business Application in cyber security, Supply chain Manager, Planner, Licensed Electrical, and Planner structural.

Low qualification to look out for under Vectrus includes site manager in Thailand, Service Technician in Qatar, and Supply Chain Lead in Thailand.

You need to keep checking into all these contracted military companies websites to find newly listed jobs that suit you. Ensure that your CV or resume is always up to date. All these companies offer successful candidates an inclusive and diverse workplace where their contributions and values will be recognized so long as they conform to the vision and values of the company.

Take advantage of various opportunities available. They are rewarding. You will enjoy many benefits such as worker’s compensation, injury and accident compensation, travel allowances, get exposure and experience working under different sectors within the military base, and provide essential services to safeguard military operations.

A Final Word

The most important thing is that all these jobs have benefit provisions.

Working at a US military base is an opportunity to live and work in some most beautiful places on Earth. Being so close to Mother Nature always has its perks! For starters – the pay is great: one of the recruiters KBR median earnings are approximately $21 per hour for machine operator, while truck drivers can earn from $17 per hour.

In case of injury, employees are covered under the Defense Base Act; regardless of their nationality they receive medical or monetary compensation. The Defense Base Act is a federal workers’ compensation framework that provides medical and compensation benefits to injured contractors and funeral expenses and death compensation benefits to deceased contractors.

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These companies also provide ample education benefits so that their workforce can be fully certified and compliant. You can take advantage of these education benefits to build your career CV at an impressive pace and learn more to get more certification to add to your resume.

You may also gain exposure working with an experienced person who will take you through training, travel widely, and get exposure to different parts of the world and the working environment where the military base is set.

Going through employer sponsored training gets you the necessary certification for working under a military contractor and, therefore, get a pay rise and other benefits that come with experience of performing them.

Some of the support roles offered include electricians, material control, vector control, power generation, plumbing, firefighting, etc.

Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) jobs can be found in websites under different companies contacted to recruit personnel. You can log into different companies’ portals contracted defense contractors such as PAE, KBR, Flour, Vectrus, and apply.

Ensure that your CV or resume is updated well with professional skills, strengths, and achievements that make you stand out from the other applicants. Follow the steps to apply for each job title listed in the career portal.

There are also low qualification jobs for support roles that one can apply. These jobs include driver attendant, material control, firefighter assistants, plumbing, record manager, background investigator, unarmed security officer, proposal writer, armored vehicle technician.

Some low-level jobs do not even require professional papers. You may not even need experience to perform them therefore, their remuneration may not be high. You will undergo on-the-job training.

It is essential to know that these low-paying jobs are offered on contract terms. Their contractual terms vary from full-time employee salaries. Depending on the different categories, their salaries may start from $12.97 per hour.

There are also entry-level jobs if you meet the required qualification, they include Account Clerk positions, Electrical Engineers, Junior Security Engineers, Junior Systems Engineers, Stockroom Clerk, Short Range Air Defense System Repairer(FT), Basic Entry Level Engineer, Entry Level Welder, Diesel Mechanic, administrative assistants, medical assistants, pharmacy technicians, firefighters, web Developers, information technology technicians and more.

Most of these entry-level jobs are available full-time, and the pay is indicated on each of them. Once you log into the LOGCAP portal under different contractor that offers them, you find their income under each section where you can apply for them. Please ensure that you apply for a job provided for different nationalities and the country where you will be required to work to see if you can relocate to work even if the conditions are incredibly harsh because military personnel operates in tough conditions.

When applying for entry-level jobs, you need to be smart enough to translate the experience that you have acquired in the real world to use if in the field.

The best way to identify opportunities that you can get in the entry-level application is to check for specific keywords that signify the job is an entry-level chance, they include, assistant, coordinator, specialist, trainee, junior. You may find others listed as “associates.” Those listed as associated are available to experienced individuals in the defense industry who plan to change their careers within a given field.

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