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Legal Transcription Jobs for Beginners! πŸ”₯ Earn $100/day

Legal transcribers are in high demand due to the complexities of this type of transcription work.

As a legal transcriptionist, you will be tasked with transcribing audio recordings of court proceedings, depositions, witness interrogations, legal briefs, and other law-related proceedings and converting them to properly formatted text.

Let’s look at some of the most reliable and lucrative companies to work with as legal transcribers and tips to apply for these jobs. The following companies offer competitive pay and benefits, and they are always looking for talented and skilled transcriptionists

1. Daily Transcription

Let’s start with one of the most popular transcription companies operating today: Daily Transcription. The company, which mainly operates in Canada and the United States, is highly trusted among transcribers, and they love it due to their relatively high amount of salaries.

The company gives people the opportunity to earn as much as $66 per hour. While this will depend on the worker’s skill level and working speed, the fact that they allow transcribers to set their working hours means that this pay level is very attainable.

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They only accept workers native to Canada and the United States as part of their efforts to maintain high-quality standards for their clients, which justifies their high pay rates.

2. Aberdeen

Aberdeen is a company with headquarters in Orange County that is very quickly becoming a dominant player because of its worker-friendly policies and practices.

They offer transcribers some of the highest wages in the industry, paying out up to $75 per hour for their legal transcribers. Aside from the regular transcription services, they also provide editorial and real-time captioning services.

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The high demand for job positions at the company and their high-quality standards make it rather difficult to meet their hiring criteria. They reportedly require that their employees achieve a typing speed of 180 words per minute with 99 percent accuracy.

3. Ubiqus

The transcription and interpretation industry continues to see the rise of Ubiqus, one of the best-paying services in the field. They have over 23,000 clients worldwide, even though they will only accept workers who permanently live in the United States.

They have been in the industry for over 60 years, so they have the knowledge and experience to deliver a premier experience to their clients and their workers at the same time.

4. Tigerfish

Another long-time player in the legal transcription industry is Tigerfish Transcription. They have spent many years building up their business specializing in general, legal, and medical transcription services. While they are also based in the United States, they have a worldwide workforce and take on clients worldwide.

Since its inception in 1989, it has positioned itself as the premier service for beginners, offering salaries ranging from $7 to $15 each hour. Tigerfish has a great system of promoting talent and helping employees gain industry experience, making them a good company to work for as a new entrant to the transcription world.

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5. AllegisCorp

Started in 1996, AllegisCorp is a legal transcription service that specializes in providing transcription, office administration, and quality assurance services to many of the insurance companies.

They offer as much as $18 per hour of work and are constantly searching for workers, making them a great place to apply to as a beginner transcriber looking to gain experience. They make it a point to pay their workers promptly each week.

6. AccuTran Global

To finish up our list, let’s look at AccuTran Global. It was started up in 2002 and has become one of the most trusted names in the transcription industry. Although it has its headquarters in British Columbia, its client base is mostly American.

Transcribers working for AccuTran Global specialize in legal matters, finance-related interviews, and also corporate meetings. Employees are required to achieve typing speeds of at least 70 words per minute, for which they will be paid anywhere between $0.005 and $0.0066 per word.


In the United States, legal transcriptionists can make a good living, whether they work full-time or on a part-time basis. Last year, it was estimated that transcriptionists earned an average salary of $60,000. Depending on the company, your work experience, and qualifications, you can potentially earn up to $160,000 a year.

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We hope this article has helped you learn more about the best companies hiring legal transcriptionists and what it takes to be successful in this career field. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more helpful tips on working from home and finding remote jobs.

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