Medical transcription Jobs for Beginners

Medical Transcription Jobs For Beginners! Earn $19.81 per Hour!

The medical transcription niche is one of the most lucrative in the transcription industry.

The average income for a medical transcriptionist is $17.94 per hour and you can work from home, from any country, as it offers a great deal of flexibility and opportunities to work with clients all over the world.

There is a constant demand for medical transcriptions, as they are essential for doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers.

Let’s look at some of the best medical transcription companies hiring remote workers and what you need to apply.

If one of the companies listed in this video interests you, be sure to apply quickly – they are likely to receive many applications. If there are any other companies that you would recommend, let us know in the comments below!

1. Med-Scribe Transcription Solutions

One of the first and best dedicated medical transcription services is Med-Scribe Transcription Solutions. Its operators have managed to keep up its momentum since its inception in 1992.

Their objective is to deliver high-quality medical transcription to medical institutions and practices. The positions they have on offer are part-time, meaning that employees will be eligible for worker’s compensation, Medicare, unemployment benefits, social security, and more.

They offer $19.81 per hour as a starting salary. Those who qualify and pass through their application process will have shifts assigned to them, so your work hours will be set out for you, even though you might be working from home. This job isn’t for raw beginners, as they will only take United States applicants who demonstrate familiarity with M*Modal Fluency or ChartNet transcription platforms.

2. EHR Medical Transcription Services

Among the medical transcription services ranked highest in the industry, EHR Medical Transcription Services ranks high. They have built a reputation for quick, reliable, and highly accurate transcription services, and this is probably the result of their triple-proofing review system, which almost eliminates the chances of transcription errors in their work.

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Their entry-level pay rate is $17.50 for each hour, but you can progress quickly if you demonstrate a good ability for the job. If you’re hoping to join them, you will need to have a solid medical background and some experience with general transcription.

3. Acusis

Another exceptional company on our list today is known as Acusis. This medical transcription service specializes in providing clinical documentation solutions to government institutions, large clinics, hospitals, and general practices. The outfit is currently hiring not only medical transcriptionists but also remote medical coders.

They pay new employees $0.25 per audio minute, which translates to $15 per hour. To qualify for their transcriptionist positions, you will need to have a minimum of 3 years of experience with medical transcription and be capable of transcribing from low-quality audio source material and audio from non-native English speakers.


No list of transcription services, no matter the niche, would be complete without mentioning This is one of the oldest and most established players in the transcription industry, and they have a significant role in the medical transcription niche.

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Because of the company’s wide reach and the familiarity people have with their processes, they attract many clients of all types, which means that transcribers will rarely lack tasks to work on. As this is a common problem on many smaller platforms, this makes it popular with transcribers.

Depending on your qualifications and work history, you can earn anywhere from $7 to $17 each minute. Rev is constantly taking in new transcribers, but they will particularly welcome you if you have background qualifications that make you stand out.

5. Fast Chart

Known for high standards and accuracy, Fast Chart is a popular name in the medical transcription industry. The organization specializes in providing clinical documenting and editing services to clinics, hospitals, physicians, and other medical institutions.

They have stringent hiring requirements, as all their transcribers need to show a high medical acumen by successfully taking their medical terminology and language exams. On the upside, they allow their employees to set their schedules and working hours.

They also offer premium pay for work done during the holidays and weekends, with transcriptionists earning an average of $0.50 per minute, or $30 each hour, but this will depend on your working speed on each task. It should be noted that they consider their transcribers to be independent contractors, so the position doesn’t come with many benefits.

6. Ascend Healthcare Systems

Yet another big name in the medical transcription industry is Ascend Healthcare Systems. The company provides medical transcription and clinical documentation services to clinics, healthcare networks, hospitals, and medical institutions.

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If you wish to work for them, you’ll need to have a minimum of 3 years of experience working as a transcriptionist. This is justifiable, as they pay their employees an average of $38,588 each year. Note that you will have to be based in the United States, be eligible to work in the country, and pass a background test. To apply, simply send them an email.

7. Ubiqus

One of the most prolific and far-reaching medical transcription companies around today is Ubiqus.

The company prides itself on providing medical transcription, translation, account management, and interpreting services for operators in the medical field across numerous countries spread out across the world. They also have specialists operating in the legal, luxury, lifestyle, finance, and media industries.

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You can expect to earn $14 per hour with them, which translates to $30,00 per year. Ubiqus also offers remote positions that give its employees the utmost freedom to determine their schedules and hours.

Medical transcription is one of the best ways to earn a decent income working online and is an industry you should definitely consider if you feel you have what it takes.

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