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Best Lazy “Side-Hustles” 💸 Online Jobs for Beginners To Make MONEY Online

If you’ve ever tried making money online, I’m sure you’ve come across low-paying gigs before and decided that internet money is not worthy at all.

But let me help you rectify that, when it comes to online jobs, it’s all about knowing where to look for jobs.

The following five EASY online jobs pay well as well as the companies hiring right now.

1. UX Tester

The first on this list is being a UX Tester, also known as someone who helps make the web more user-friendly by testing websites. In other words, as a website tester, you get to evaluate websites while your laptop’s camera records your reactions and thoughts.

Sessions usually last 20-30 minutes and you can get paid from $15-$70 per session. Companies currently hiring include:

Expect payments to be made via PayPal only.

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2. Editing & proofreading

Second, we have editing & proofreading, please note that you must possess excellent writing and reading abilities for this role.

You’ll be in charge of correcting grammatical and punctuation errors found in texts, mostly articles, books, white papers, and social media posts. For this job, you can either opt for the freelancer or contributor way.

As a freelancer, you’ll have to set your own profile on sites like Fiverr,, and Upwork.

As a contributor, on the other hand, you’ll be part of a company’s team of transcribers, if you choose this route, you can apply to sites like;

Expect a monthly salary of $600+.

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3. Data entry

Third on this list is data entry, and the people who make a living from it are called data entry clerks. As the name says, your job is to enter data into a computer’s system. Usually, data entry clerks mostly deal with excel and word documents.

For this job, it’s advisable to buy a keyboard with special keys and multiple colors so you can complete tasks faster.

Expect to be paid up to $400 per month via PayPal or Payoneer.

4. Transcription

The forth option on this list is being a transcriptionist. Transcriptions jobs are everywhere and depending on the company, you can make over $800 per month. As its name suggests, you’ll have to transcribe audio formats or subtitles abiding by a company’s transcription rules.

For this role, you need a working laptop or PC, noise-canceling headphones, a pedal (which is not necessary but highly recommended), and maybe two or three programs for faster transcriptions.

You can expect to get paid weekly or biweekly via PayPal or Payoneer.  

5. Surveys

Lastly, we have surveys! Now bear in mind that taking surveys online can help you make beer money, but if you sign up to several sites at once, you can be making $500 monthly from surveys alone.

Once you receive your first notification of an available survey, you’ll have to answer truthfully to each of the questions.

In case you’re wondering, companies use your answers to improve the usability of websites, offer better products, and create an authentic experience for customers.

And you can expect to be paid via PayPal or Payoneer anywhere from $0.10 to $10 per test.

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6. Playing games

As a bonus, another option to make money online is playing games, yes you heard that right. Some companies pay you well for downloading games on your phone, tablet, or computer, and then playing the games for a short period of time. Please note, that having a strong internet connection is necessary for this, and also the model of your device or devices matters. Companies like

You can expect to get paid anywhere from $10 to $50 per game. Most of these sites pay via PayPal, by the way.

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