10 Best Online English Teaching Companies

We’ve compiled a list of the best online English teaching companies, and the best is that they all accept tutors from all over the world.

These companies provide teachers with a way to teach English to students all over the world, and they offer a variety of benefits, including flexible hours and a good pay.

1. Preply

Preply is in charge of connecting students with tutors and teachers worldwide. One of the perks of this site is that tutors are in charge of the student’s curriculum, meaning you get to choose the class’ topics (e.g. Arts, Marketing, and Literature). Classes can be 1:1 lessons or group sessions.

Online tutors make between $13 and $15 hourly while English teachers $15. To apply, sign up on their website, then upload a short video of you talking about your experience.

Once accepted, you’ll be teaching students of all ages. You will be paid via PayPal or through your bank account.

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2. EF Education First

EF Education First is one of the oldest and most respected language education companies. They have been operating since 1965 and its headquarters are located in Switzerland, though, they have offices in 54 countries.

Due to the notoriety of this company, the application process is quite rigorous. In fact, eligible candidates are expected to go through an interview before they can be given a contract.

Bear in mind that, currently, only tutors living in the United States and the United Kingdom can work fully remotely.

Tutors in other countries can work remotely at any of the EF centers. The average hourly rate for tutors is $17, so if you work 40 hours weekly, you can make $2720 a month.

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3. Cambly

Cambly is an application in which language learners can talk for as long as they want with English tutors.

They’re less strict than other online teaching companies in the way that tutors don’t have to prepare topics for classes. They can talk about anything with the students, as long as they help them improve, of course.

Just don’t forget to be respectful, and do a little background research on different cultures, as in some parts of the world asking “Hey, how are you?” is considered disrespectful.

To apply, sign up, fill in the application’s fields with your details, and upload a video of yourself mock teaching a class.

Payments are sent via PayPal every Monday, and the average hourly rate is $10.20 for regular tutors and $12 for kids tutors.

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4. iTalki

iTalki is another online teaching company that lets tutors from all over the world join the platform. The student population includes children, teens, and adults.

When applying, you must choose between being a community tutor or a professional teacher, the first option doesn’t require a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate, but the latter does.

iTalki tutors get to set their own rates but bear in mind, that you must compete against hundreds of other tutors, so setting your rates too high, won’t help you that much.

The payment methods include PayPal, Hyperwallet, and Payoneer. The average professional teacher makes $15.73 hourly, while a community tutor makes $10.

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5. Learnlight 

Learnlight is a corporate language training company. And its mission is to assist companies in helping employees learn advanced skills so they can prosper in the current multilingual and multicultural workplace.

They offer teachers a vast virtual library so classes are always engaging and effective. As a teacher, you must hold a TEFL certificate, be proficient in English, have some teaching experience, and have a 10Mbps Internet connection, a laptop, a high-resolution webcam, and a pair of headsets.

The application process consists of filling out an application form, and if accepted, you’ll be contacted with the next steps. Learnlight pays teachers $14-$16 an hour.

6. Skimatalk

Skimatalk is an online English teaching platform perfect for those with little to no experience in the online teaching world, as they don’t ask for a TEFL certificate or previous experience.

All classes are done through Skype and they all are 25-minute long. One downside to Skimatalk is that the first three classes (75 minutes), won’t be compensated. After that, you’ll receive $8 per class, and once you have some of them under your belt, you can change your rates.

The average tutor gets paid $12.80 per hour, so working 30 hours weekly equals to a monthly salary of $1536.

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7. Engoo

Engoo is a company that provides one-on-one private online English lessons, and they accept tutors from anywhere in the world. Holding a TEFL certificate is encouraged, but not required.

The student population includes kids, teens, and adults, but you can always choose students from a specific age group. Lessons last 25 minutes, like Skimatalk’s, and the platform has over 8,000 learning materials for you to use. One of the perks of working at Engoo is that they’re open 24/7, meaning there’re always students looking for tutors.

To apply, sign up, pass both the English and Internet connection test, read the training materials, record a demo lesson, and if accepted, start working. Payments are sent via PayPal or Payoneer on the 20th of each month, and you can expect to get paid $10 per hour.

8. Ginseng English

Ginseng English is an online language school, and they’re currently looking for English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers regardless of race, nationality, gender, orientation, religion, or native language.

Holding a bachelor’s degree or any type of certification is well-received, but not required. However, they do require candidates to have some experience teaching adults.

To apply, you must send your resume or typed application along with a video in which you introduce yourself, talk about your teaching experience, and briefly mock teach a class.

Teachers are paid between $10 and $15 per hour, meaning your monthly salary will depend on the hours you dedicate to the platform. 

9. Skyeng

Skyeng is the biggest one-on-one online teaching school for those who want to master the English language in Europe. They’re open to both native and ESL teachers, and currently, the platform’s teachers are based in over 75 countries.

To apply, go to the website and submit the initial application with your details, then wait 15 minutes until they contact you via email, and submit a video talking about yourself and your experience as a teacher.

If accepted, you’ll be contacted in three or five business days to record a test lesson. Payments are sent on credit cards, via PayPal or SolarStaff twice a month. You can expect to be paid between $2 and $20 per session.

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10. Superprof

Superprof is a private tutoring platform that connects students with teachers and tutors for online and at-home classes. This site is incredible as you are in total control of your classes.

The platform doesn’t even take any fees from you, and to register, all you have to do is to sign up and create your profile. You don’t need any previous experience, just the knowledge necessary to help students become efficient.

You’re also in charge of your rates and the hours you commit to it. Though, the average hourly rate is $24. The only requirement asked by Superprof is a working laptop, a high-speed internet connection, and a high-resolution camera. Payments are sent via PayPal or to your bank account twice a month.

We can all agree that teaching English online is a fun and smart way to make money and pay the bills. Visit our YouTube channel for more ways to make money online.

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